is Jessup, Pennsylvania's observance of Gubbio, Italy’s La Festa dei Ceri. Both celebrations honor the life of Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini who was canonized as Protector of Gubbio. The eve of his death anniversary, May 15, is marked in Gubbio by a procession known as La Corsa dei Ceri. Jessup conducts a nearly identical “Race of the Saints” on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

The procession through the streets features small statues of Saint Ubaldo, Saint George, and Saint Anthony, in order. They are mounted upon immense wooden pedestals each hoisted by a team of “Cerioli” (runners) clad respectively in yellow, blue, or black.

THURSDAY, MAY 23th • 8 pm
The St. Ubaldo Society Annual Social will be held at the Jessup American Legion. Dancing, Entertainment, Lite Fare, 50/50 Drawing and Basket raffle donated by the families of St. Ubaldo, St. George & St. Anthony.

FRIDAY, MAY 24th • 6 pm
Jessup Fireman’s Parade Saint Ubaldo Day Officials along with participants from St. Ubaldo, St. George and St. Anthony will meet at Grassy Island Avenue for the Annual Parade.

The Band will travel throughout the streets of Jessup awakening the town.
7:30 am - Society officers & members of St.Ubaldo, St.George, St.Anthony will gather at St.John’s Cemetery for a Ceremony honoring the past Ceraioli.
8:15 am - Families will then gather at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Montdale for a brief ceremony.
10:00 am - All participants will gather at the St. Ubaldo Society Cultural Center to receive their “Fiore” flowers and organize for a Procession to the Mass.
10:30 am - Procession to Queen of Angels Parish (St. Michael’s)
11:00 am - St. Ubaldo Day Mass honoring St. Ubaldo, St. George, and St. Anthony will be Celebrated by the Most Holy Bishop Joseph Bambara.
12:00 pm - The Alzata or “Raising of the Saints” will take place beginning with a Blessing and the tossing of the Brocche.
4:30 pm - A procession with the Most Holy Relic of St. Ubaldo and the NEW STATUE of St. Ubaldo will begin at the ST. UBALDO CULTURAL CENTER and will proceed to the beginning of the “Corsa Dei Ceri” on Powell Ave and Ward St.
5:30 pm - After a blessing with the Relic of Saint Ubaldo and the Ceraioli, the “Corsa dei Ceri&rdqou; will take place throughout the streets of Jessup!
8:00 pm - Shortly after ending the “Corsa” at the Jessup Veterans Memorial Field, a Candlelight Procession will be held returning the Saints and the Ceri to the St. Ubaldo Society Cultural Center.

10:00 am - All children will meet at Queen of Angels Parish (St. Michael’s) They must wear white pants/shorts.
11:00 am - Mass honoring the Saints.
12:00 pm - The Alzata or “Raising of the Saints” will take place, beginning with a blessing and the tossing of the Brocche.
1:00 pm - The Children’s “dei Ceri” will begin at the corner of Ward St. and Powell Ave. following a Blessing. The Children’s “Corsa” will end at the Jessup Veterans Memorial Field.
2:30 pm - Immediately following the event, lunch will be provided for the children at the Field.